Shizuoka Kambara Special Rroducts Sardine Curry
About Sardine Curry
Traditional taste that has been loved for more than 80 years

Kambara sardine curry is the local curry made in Kambara,Shizuoka City. It contains shavings of dried sardine(Kambara specialty product) as "Dashi". Over 80 years people says that they has been eaten this curry since their childhood.So this curry has been loved for more than 80 years in this area.

At that time, there is no refrigerator. it was natural to make curry with fish as main raw materials. Also in foreign countries, there are some areas to use fish into curry. We tried to revive this traditional curry with the history of 80 years. We finally revived this traditional curry using shavings of dried sardines.This has become a traditional Japanese style curry.

Kambara and shavings of dried sardine

The start of shavings of dried sardine
In Meiji Period, there was a man named Abe Wasuke in Setouchi area(Fukuyama City Hiroshima pref.) He was called the king of dried fish.By his effort dried fish became popular in this area, and after that spreaded in Japan. Originally, in Kambara,people had selled dried fish which were made in Fukuyama. It became very popular among the people in this area. At Taisho 10th, people here bought machines to make shavings of dried sardine from Osaka and have started to making shavings of dried sardine. Most of the raw sardines are purchased from Kyushu.

At the best time (around Showa 40th),there were more than 50 factories of shavings of dried sardine.Nowadays about 20 factories are producing shavings of dried sardine. They are protecting the taste of the local shavings of dried sardine. Even now,Sliced sardine industory is one of the important industories in this town.

Nutrient of sardine

Sardine is a blueback fish.It contains calcium and it is good for your health. It is good for you!

・Plenty of calcium: It makes your bone stronger. 
・Plenty of magnesium: It helps to enzyme action better.
・Phosphorus :strengthens teeth and bones 
・Vitamin D called sun nutrients:It helps to prevent diabetes.
・EPA:Helps to prevent thrombosis ・DHA:It helps to prevent dementia.
・ Amino acid tyrosine:It helps to improve depression.

The story of the birth of curry with sardines

Where can we have delicious meals in Kambara?
Yes! Yamashichi sushi restaurant!
Nowadays it is very popular to activate local town by making their original food.(in this Kambara too.) We tried to produce new curry that activate our town Kambara. After 5 months trial and error, finally we succeeded to produce Kambara sardine curry.

At the beginning, we were selling this curry only at our restaurant. Immediately after release we got many voices from our customers that they are waiting for the produce of retort curry,too..Because it was very delicious so they wanted to eat it at home,too.

In May 2010, we started selling of retort curry, too. Moreover it was awarded the Gold medal of Fuji-no-kuni new selection and Awarded Shizuoka Aoi premium.

The children in Kambara love Sardine Curry very much!

Various activities to inform materials of Kambara for many people
This sardine curry is served as a school lunch in Kambara. It is highly appreciated.Children in Kambara love sardine curry very much. We Yamashichi is trying tovarious activities to inform materials of Kambara for many people.

We want everyone in Tokyo to know about Kambara.
We destributed shavings of dried sardine in Tokyo under the cooperation with an elementary school in Kambara.(while their school trip to Tokyo)

We succeeded in delivering living cherry shrimp.
Generally sakura shrimp can not live for a long time after landing. But we can deliver live sakura shrimp to your home by our technology of Yui Port and passion of Yamashichi. This service was also introduced in many media. For more information, please contact us.

"Odori-gui" of sakura shrimp. Odori-gui measn eat live sakura shrimp.
Only Yamashichi can provide.
There is a special fish tank at Yamashichi that sakura shrimp swims.During the fishing season, you can enjoy "odori-gui "of sakura shrimp.(eat sakura shrimp while still moving) We keep trying to introduce our local food and our town "Kambara" to many people not only in this prefecture but also other aeas. Please pay attention to our activities.


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