Shizuoka Kambara Special Rroducts Sardine Curry

Kambara Sardine Curry
★ Awarded Gold medal, Fujinokuni new products selection
★ Shizuoka City Aoi Premium certified.

This Japanese style curry that has been loved for over 80 years in this town has various way to eat. You can enjoy this curry with rice, with wheat noodles, with buckwheat nodles,with rice poridge. Baked cheese curry is also popular in these days.

This sardine curry was produced by the landlady of Yamashichi.Though she is managing a sushi restaurant,she could not stop her feeling to produce this traditional curry.Over 80 years history of this recipe moved her. When she added this curry as a menu, it became a popular menu soon. It was introduced on newspapers. It also became international news. After that, the retort curry was completed. She is dreaming that this curry will be known and eaten by the people all over the world.

The sardine slices are made in Kambara.(HACCP certified Kambara Plant products)
Product Vegetable Curry
Material  Vegetables (onions (domestic), potatoes, carrots), rape seed oil, sardine shavings, wheat flour, sugar, salt, curry powder, skimmed milk powder, onion powder, Japanese dashi seasoning, spices, mackerel shavings / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel color, flavoring, acidulant, (contains milk ingredients wheat, mackerel soybeans)
Sealed container sealed, pressurized heating sterilization
Amount 200g
Expiration Additional notes under the margin
Seller Kambara Kofukuya Yamashichi
Shizuoka Shizuoka city water district Kambara 3 - 3 - 10
Manufacturer House Sun Food Co., Ltd.
Konan City, Aichi Prefecture takayachounishisato 77
Inquiry 054-388-2263
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