Shizuoka Kambara Special Rroducts Sardine Curry

How to eat? very easy.

More recommendable way to eat

"Tokugawa Ieyasu Curry" (topped with eggplant) "Tea buckwheat curry" etc. By adding one more idea, sardin curry will be more delicious.
Please enjoy various arrange of recipes.

  • Tokugawa Ieyasu Curry
    1.Mt.Fuji, 2.eagle 3. eggplant. In japan,it is said that they bring us good luck if we dream about them on the first day of a new year. Tokugawa Ieyasu loved eggplant very much. By adding fried eggplant(Shimizu Orido eggplant), it will be Ieyasu curry(Shizuoka original).
    Please enjoy various toppings of vegetables. Moreover it will help you to keep healthy!
  • Tea Buckwheat Curry
    Because this is Japanese curry, so it is very suitable for buckwheat noodles!
    Just add some buckwheat noodles soup, it will become a tea buckwheat curry immediately.
  • Fried Sardine Curry
    Add Shizuoka famous fried Kurohanpen. The crispy taste is very suitable for this curry.
    Cutlet, fried shrimp and other fried foods are also suitable for this curry.
  • Sardines Curry Doria
    Just put curry and rice in baking dish, then add some cheese and bake 7-8 minutes in oven, it is very easy to make baked curry!
    It is good for home party or dinner. Also good for midnight snack.

  • Curry with Toast
    Simply add sardines curry on rice, or add in the bread!
    Sardine curry with bread is really delicious!
  • Curry with Croquette
    By mixing with boiled patato, you can make curry with croquette easily. It is not spicy.
    So it is good for children or the people who cannot eat spicy curry.
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